Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tango Tuesday, 7.24

I have decided to start something new here on the blog.  I am calling it TANGO TUESDAY and it will be my weekly post where I talk about all of the random tangents and thoughts that are dancing around in my head.  (Get it? Dancing around?  Tango Tuesday??  Kinda clever, huh? LOL!!)

So without further adeu, I present to you:

Tango Tuesday!

Here are the thoughts that are dancing around in my head today:

1) I still can’t believe the horror of the shootings that happened in Aurora, Colorado on Friday.  No matter what the investigators and court trial conclude, I will never be able begin to fathom what would possess someone to do what that sick man was able to do.

2) I woke up with a wild hair today and cooked in bulk this morning.  I made:

-         balsamic vinegar roasted tomatoes

-         roasted (diced) sweet potatoes

-         a large (five cans) bowl of tuna salad with boiled eggs, diced celery, cilandtro, dill relish, RF olive oil mayo, mustard, and lemon pepper seasoning, and

-         a big batch of brown rice, enough for the whole week

3) It’s about that time for…another Jasmine Green Tea tapioca dream, I mean drink!  And it just so happens that today is double stamp day at my favorite place, Boba Zone, so I’m thinking my daughter and I may have to head over there after the gym tonight!

4) I really need to get on the ball if I’m going to complete my July goals by the end of this month!  And I only have a week left to do it in!  I may have been a little over-zealous when I planned it all out, and will keep this in mind when I plan my goals for August in the next couple of weeks.  It’s good to set your goals high, but not so high that they are unattainable! J 

5) What is going on with the Jackson family?!?!  Is any one else confused with all the “where’s grandma-Katherine” business going on, or is it just me?!

6) I’m super excited about two things going on later today:

1)               a kick-butt workout with a Body Pump class, followed by 2 miles and then ½ a Zumba class and then

2)               going to visit my new nephew!!!  Our friends Marco and Lety’s beautiful son (from this baby shower) came into the world yesterday!  We get to see him for the first time in person today…and I can’t wait to hold him!  I also can’t wait for him to rock his motorcycle onesies and his sock/shoe checkered Vans socks that match!

Hope you enjoyed the new TANGO TUESDAY and reading some of the random thoughts that are dancing around in my head!  I gotta go…gym here I come! 

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