Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Funday, 7.15

Today was another fabulous Sunday Funday.  It was quite a busy day!  Here is a run down of what we did, in list form, with pictures, of course!

1. We almost got caught in a flood because it started raining something crazy again right before noon:


2. We went to eat at Jason’s Deli, one of my fav restaurants, because we were all in the mood for a nice, light meal.  Well, sort of light, anyway, here is my salad mountain:

 …followed by dessert:

3. After lunch the rain had dried up so we decided to walk our lunch off at Williams Tower Park.

…bambina played

...while hubs (of course) took photos!

It had been awhile since I had been to the fountain so we walked around and enjoyed the sights!

4. Then we went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart.  Guess what time it is?! You guessed it!!   According to many retail stores, “Back-to-School” has officially begun so the school supplies are out in full effect.

Getting me out of this section is touch work!  School supplies = crack for this teacher!  My mom says that’s one of the ways she knew I was destined to be a teacher, my obsession for school supplies.  My obsession even dates back to when I was really young.  As in, I used to ask for cute pens/pencils/notebooks/stickers for Christmas.  Sad, I know! J

As far as groceries for the week, I did things a little different.  I created my menu first, then surveyed the pantry/fridge/freezer and then went shopping only for the things I would need to make the meals on the menu.  Smaller list, quicker trip – so far so good!  I’ll post more about my menu for this week tomorrow!

6. Today’s run = 2.5 miles = quick, short, hot. Done and done.

7. Dinner = smoked turkey, spinach, pickles on whole grain wheat w/ olive oil mayo and iced tea. Hit the spot!  Dessert = tear and bake chocolate chip cookies with a tall glass of milk. YUM-O!!

Now I’m settling in for another couple of chapters of my book before bed. 


Found this on Pinterest yesterday and I think it expresses my sentiments exactly!


  1. Cute blog, Leticia. Looks like you had a great weekend but wow, lots of rain! Thanks for the follow on Twitter.

    1. Thanks! I am still new to this blogging stuff so your compliment means a lot! :)