Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lunch date, Olympic Opening Ceremonies and Late-night Pho

Yesterday was a great day, filled with great food!

I had lunch with two of my favorite people, my best friend Rachel and her mom, Dian who I call “Ma” because she is like a second mother to me.  I love spending time with these two ladies!  Whether it’s a road trip, early morning breakfast meet-up, or lunch or shopping date, they make the hours slip by like seconds!  I feel so comfortable with them and can let my hair down, so to speak, and be my real (crazy/dramatic/silly/random/OCD/sarcastic) self and they don’t even get scared away! 

We ate at Mi Luna, a Spanish Tapas restaurant, in Rice Village. 


Mi Luna is an old favorite, although I hadn’t eaten there in almost a year.  We ordered several Tapas, including some of my favs like Empanadas and goat cheese with marinara sauce and garlic toast, and beef kabob skewers over Saffron rice.  DELICIOUS!!!  It was Ma’s first time eating there and she really enjoyed the food.  Rach and I considered ordering some Sangrias but since it was only noon on a Friday, we decided to be good.  I regret that decision now, though; we totally should have done it.  I mean, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, right?!

After eating, we walked around the many shops in Village Arcade, which is famous for lots of little shops and restaurant.


I love this area and used to frequent it often when I lived inside the loop with some college roommates back when I first moved to Houston.  We shopped for clothes and makeup.  Rachel is THE person to shop with if you really want to get serious about it – she really knows her stuff!!  Shopping with her is like shopping with Stacy and Clinton from TLC’s “What Not To Wear,” which happens to be one of my favorite shows.  I may or may not follow both of them (and of course, Carmindy too) on Twitter.  #crazyfan


Shopping kind of turned out to be “window shopping” since neither one of us really bought anything.  I take that back, I did buy some body spray from Victoria’s Secret…but refrained from going crazy on the makeup (another obsession of mine!) even though we went to MAC and Sephora.  Hubs, aren't you proud of me? Man, I’ve come such a long way. #progress

Afterward, I came home and took a nap.  I have a CONFESSION to make: I slept through the Olympics Opening Ceremony even though my daughter kept trying to come and wake me up like I asked her to, and even though I was being a grumpy napper and shooing her away.  I finally woke up around 7:30, got dressed and went out and ran 2.6 miles in 24:39 minutes with a pace of 9:30min/mile.  #proud  #usuallyslowerbutnottodaysucka

After coming home and cleaning up, I was fortunate to catch the repeat of the Opening Ceremonies.  The Parade of Nations literally made me cry; I’m such a baby sometimes!  It’s just unfathomably amazing to me how the Olympics magically brings so many people from different cultures, backgrounds, languages, heritages, all together in one place at one time.  And for that one night, everyone is so united – and EVERYTHING else is put aside: language barriers, wars, civil unrests, and religious differences.  It’s all so absolutely incredible!  Of course, the next day things are different because the competition begins but for one magical night, all the rest falls away and is forgotten. 


I thought the ceremony was fantastic and loved all the little surprises they included.  Great job, London!!

While watching the ceremonies, my hubs came home from work and it was then that I realized 1. that I had not eaten since noon, and 2. that was almost 12 hours ago, and 2. no wonder I could feel a huge headache coming on.

The solution?  Late-night Pho.

We went to one of our favorite Vietnamese restaurants, Pho 24, since it stays open reaaaaaly late.  We love the atmosphere of the place, love how the owners always greet us like we’re their long-lost personal friends, and (of course) love the food!  The little one and I ordered our all-time favorite, the Pho Tai.  If you’ve never tried Pho, I encourage you to go out and try it TODAY!!  Pho, in case you are wondering, is a rice noodle soup with the most flavorable broth and meat.  I favor the steak, which is super-thinly sliced and served raw but actually cooks in the steaming hot broth while you stir it around a bit.

Pho, with the meat cooking in the broth.

I am convinced Pho is the cure for everything.  Or at least, it’s cured many of my ailments over the years.  Colds, body aches, tummy aches, hangovers (tried and true from my partying days!), Pho cures anything that aches!! 

Pho Tai once it's been sturred around.

The hubs ordered his favorite pork porridge stew.  We both got some sandwhiches too; I got the Chargrilled Pork and he got a fried egg and pate one.

Chargrilled Pork Bánh mì  (Sandwhich)

Hubby's food. Yum!!

Hubby getting his food ready.

Only this crazy little family does things like go for Pho at midnight on a Friday.  We are so random and I love it! 

Little one enjoying her Pho.  She's becoming a pro on the chopsticks!

I'm doing a happy dance on the inside.

One last thing I have to tell you about!  I downloaded the Instagram Collage app to my Ipod while we were at dinner.  (The restaurant even has free Wifi too, does it get any better?!?)

Late night Pho!

Having lots of fun playing with it!  Expect to see lots more collage pics like that one.  Kind of like all of the # you saw in this post!  J



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