Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friends that are like family, a birthday party, and ladies night

Today we went to my good friend Cristina’s house.  We went over to celebrate her daughter’s second birthday.  Cristina, one of my friends from my girl’s trip to Austin, and I go way back!  I first met Cristina when we were in college.  We became really good friends when we both went on the same study abroad trip to Mexico City, lived around the corner from each other, and hung out together every day.  When we went back to Texas A&M, we continued to hang out and since Cristina’s family lived in College Station, I got to know them all and they became like family to me too.  We have remained friends since then and will probably be two little old biddies together too!


The party was nice because I got to meet some of her friends and hit it off with them right away!  They are the cutest, spunkiest group of ladies!  I foresee lots of ladies’ nights with them in the future! 


One of the highlights of my day was getting to see Cristina’s cousin, Elizabeth and one of her best friends ever, Angela.  I also hung out with both of these ladies my last year at A&M, and love them!  It was great to see them, especially Elizabeth, who recently went through quite a lot, with a health scare and major surgery.  It was good to see her healthy, and strong and just as cRaZy as ever!

 The hubs had a jam session with Cristina’s dad…

…while the bambina played with Angela’s son (who is now a teen but was just a tot when I was still in College Station!).

We had a blast and were there for most of the day.  Guess that’s what happens when you are around friends that you consider family…the time flies and you don’t even want to go home because you already feel “home!”

We eventually did leave, though, but only because I wanted to come home and rest before I turned around and went back out, with the same ladies, to celebrate Cristina’s birthday.  Her birthday is actually not until Wednesday but it’s a lot easier for us busy mammas to get out on the weekends. 

Plus, I had to go get my run-on.  Yep you guessed it, I slept in this morning (lazy bum!) instead of running so I needed to get it in.  I ran 2.5 miles – and it was still 95 degrees outside at 6:00 pm when I started. Yow-zers!  Talk about #hotandsweatyLeti!  I finished up, got dressed and headed out to meet the ladies for dinner at Yard House in City Centre.

I had the Ahi Tuna Caesar salad, which was yum-o!  We had a nice dinner with great conversation and then walked around a little to take in the sights. 

 At the end of the night we went about our separate ways, home to our hubbies and babies.  It was fun to get to hang out, just us girls, and I am definitely looking forward to our next ladies’ night!

No matter how much fun I have when I go out, though, it is always really nice to come home to my little familia! J

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