Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tangent Tuesday, 7/10/12

Today was yet another day of relaxation, napping, and working out.  Today, however, I actually got dressed (real clothes…and real shoes rather than slippers!) and ventured out to one of my favorite stores ever: Dollar General. Big spender, I know.  

Let get right to the tangents. 

I went to Dollar General today.  I loooves me some DG!!  Proof #34,781 that I am turning into my mother: my love for dollar stores, knick-knacks that I don’t need, and bargains that I can’t pass up.  (Love you Mom!)  It’s okay; I’ve come to terms with it and consider myself a lucky woman.  If I grow up to be half the woman that my mother is, I’ll be a lucky lady! J  Anyway – oh look, I just went off on a tangent from a tangent! – back to DG.

I originally went in to buy a mop and some cleaning supplies.  It always starts out like that, doesn’t it?  You go into a store for one or two things and come out with a dozen?  And sometimes you have good intentions, and take your list with you and everything, but still come out with way more than you intended to buy.  And inevitably, there will be times when you will come out with everything else in the store except for what you came for! 

Anyway, I went in for a mop – and came out $80 later.  For real?!  $80?!?!?  Only I can go into a DOLLAR store and come out with $80 worth of stuff.  The irony.  Go to a dollar store to save money and end up spending way too much.

This morning I finally started reading Andy Cohen’s new book, Most Talkative.  Unfortunately, I only downloaded a sample of it so I was left hanging, dying for more!  You can trust and believe (my friend Rachel always says that phrase and I love it!) that I will be downloading that bad boy tomorrow.  Based on the 30 pages I read, and the fact that I laughed out loud at least five times (and it was my ugly, almost-a-snort laugh, too) I know the $11.99 will be well spent! 

I’m feenin’ for a Jasmine Cream Tea with a double shot of boba.  Feenin’ baaaaaad!  It’s going on a month now that I’ve been craving it and still haven’t gotten one.  I may have to put on real clothes and venture out again tomorrow, just to get one.  Adding that to my to do list now.

TO – DO (7/11/12)

  1. run 4 miles
  2. get dressed in real people clothes
  3. get a tapioca
  4. take a nap
  5. Body Pump and Step
  6. cook. eat. repeat.

New favorite (cheap) workout gear: Hanes Her Way V-neck t-shirts.  I found a package of three shirts (pink, gray, periwinkle) in the clearance bin at Dollar General and, of course, bought them.  I mean, hello? at $3.25 it was too good to pass up.  Even if I just wear them around the house, I will have gotten my money’s worth. 

Anyway, I wore the pink one to the gym tonight…and it definitely passed the test!  It was comfy and I loved the way it fit!  The only drawback is that it has no kind of sweat-wicking or dri-fit absorbing action so when we left I was drenched with sweat.  Then again, there’s probably not many fancier, more high-tech material that can contain the amount of sweat that I was working with after having done Zumba, running three miles on the treadmill (intervals), and lifting (legs).  I’ll definitely be picking up some more of these!  I will make sure, however, to stay away from the white ones.  You know why.

Dinner tonight was one of my favorites!  It’s my go-to meal when I’m not in the mood to cook. 

“Mama-ain’t-cookin-tonight” Quick and Easy Dinner

- 1 Rotisserie chicken (ready made from Wal-Mart)
- 1 bag of Green Giant steamed broccoli with cheese sauce
- 1 package of Uncle Ben’s ready-rice – Whole Grain Wild Rice flavor (90 seconds in the microwave, in the bag)
- hummus (Saabra’s roasted garlic one, although I usually make my own)
- sliced tomatoes 

It’s quick, easy, and pretty darn healthy too!  I never tire of this meal and sometimes we substitute the rice for a nice loaf of freshly baked, thick, crusty Italian or French bread. DELISH!  Dessert will be the other half of my chocolate chip cookie from last night’s visit to Subway (aren’t their cookies the best?!) and maybe some grapes.

I hope you enjoyed the tangents.  Please feel free to share some of your own!

Five questions for you:
1. What’s your favorite bargain store?  How often do you shop there?
2. What books are on your summer reading list?  What’s your favorite genre of books?
3. Do you like Jasmine green tea?  Ever had a Tapioca?  What’s your favorite flavor?
4. What’s on your to-do list for today?
5.  What is your favorite “I-aint-cooking-tonight” meal?

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