Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mini-Vacay Recap: 4th of July

I apologize for being a little missing-in-action.  The familia and I took a mini-vacay for the 4th of July and we just back into town last night!

Mini-Vacay Recap
Wednesday afternoon we headed for Victoria to visit mi madre.  Man, I have really been go-go-go for the last three weekends and I love it!  That’s what the summer is supposed to be about!  Family, travel, food and fitness!

I woke up that morning and went for a long run.  I ran 6 miles and when I got back, the hubs made a “Tortilla Española” for brunch. Potatoes, eggs, leftover diced chicken, and red bell peppers.  It was delish! 

Doesn't look too hot but I promise it was yummy!

After brunch, we packed up the car and headed for Victoria. 

Halfway there, we made a pit stop at Prasek’s in Hilje.  Prasek’s is a family owned and operated smokehouse and I’ve been going there since I was little!  They have the best…well, everything!  Choclate cake, kolaches, sausage, peppered turkey jerkey, pulled pork sandwhiches, pecan pie, cookies…these are just a few of may favorite things from there!  We only get to eat stuff from there like once every two or three months so when I do you better believe I am not worried about calories or fat! J

We got to Victoria, headed to my mom’s and that night went to watch the fireworks display.  It was beautiful and
I was really impressed with the quality of the show. This year they had it out by Victoria Mall, and I must admit it was fantastic!  And that’s saying a lot because I am used to Houston’s fireworks celebration!  After the show we went to Wienerschnitzel (again…it is one of my Mom’s favorite fast-food restaurants) and then went home to rest. 

The next day (Thursday) we went shopping!  We went to the Victoria Mall and perused many stores.  We were there for most of the afternoon and got some pretty good bargains!  I made out with some great stuff, including these bad boys!

Just couldn't resist these blingy shoes!

I also know now what my next pair of sneaks will be:

Nike Free 4.0, baby!

 That night the hubs went on a 4 mile run with me on the same trail that I ran on last time.  It was awesome!  We ran and chatted the whole time and before we knew it we were done.  I love running with my hubby!  I usually lrun by myself with my music but I really enjoyed the company.  After all, he is my favorite person to hang out with!  After our run we relaxed and vegged out in front of the television with my mom and our little one.

The next morning the hubs got up early to go do some shots for his photography portfolio.  He wanted to get some good shot of downtown, Old Victoria as the sun was coming up.  I decided to skip my run and go with him.  That was kind of hard for me!  I’m such a one-track-mind, crazy-focused kind of person when I get something in my head.  But I try to remind myself to enjoy the spontaneity of life too.  I mean how often do I get to go with him when he goes out to shoot?  And it’s not like I couldn’t go running later, right?  I’m really glad I went with him!  We (even I got in on the action!) got some great shots and even had a romantic breakfast at a little whole in the wall Mexican restaurant.  It was a beautiful morning.  Here are some of the shots that I got:

The old courthouse in downtown Victoria.

The gazebo as the sun is coming out.

Beautiful red brick building, now a restaurant.

My hubs, the photographer.

That afternoon we chilled with my mom and got our stuff ready to come back home.  We hit the road and for the next two hours, made our way back to Houston.  We got back in town late and the hubs, bambina, and Bella were all gracious enough to come on my run with me.  Well, almost, anyway.  I ran and they walked around in the field behind the school that I run around.  I ran a quick 2.6 miles in 20 minutes and we came home.

Overall we had a nice mini-vacay filled with family, food, a little shopping, and relaxation.  It’s always nice to go back home and run around my old "stomping grounds."  For me the old saying proves true, time and time again: there really is no place like home. 

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