Saturday, June 16, 2012

Trader Joe’s, Everyone runs in The Woodlands, and my Run Streak

Started off the day early, at 5:30am.  After a two-hour-night’s sleep (the night owls stayed up extra extra late again), we took a road trip out to The Woodlands to shop at the newly-opened Trader Joe’s.  I went with two of my partners-in-crime, Rachel and her mom Diane.  I love spending time with these two ladies!  

Observation #1 – I truly understand now why it’s called The Woodlands.  EVERYTHING is hidden behind a dense layer of tall trees.  You literally cannot see anything from the highway and then you’ll turn into a side street and see a whole world hidden in there!

Observation #2 – there is absolutely nothing open at 7:00 am in the Woodlands.  Hence, no breakfast except for a Starbucks tall Latte with a shot of sugar-free hazlenut and runny oatmeal which I spilled in my lap.  Ouch.  Ouch from the second-degree-burn I suffered on my legs from the heat of the oatmeal (okay, I exaggerate but it was HOT!!) and ouch from the $3.00 it cost for a tiny cup of runny, bland oatmeal.  Do you know how many Steel-cut Organic Oats I could get for that price? About a pound a half, in case you didn’t.

Observation #3 – The Woodlands is beautiful…I literally felt like I was in another state…but heaven forbid severe weather with high winds cross through there.  Clean up would take forever! 
Trader Joe’s was everything I expected to be and more!  Initially I was lost as to what to buy.  Since grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do, I was pumped!  I didn’t know what I was looking for in the store, but knew I would know it when I saw it!  I enlisted the help of a friend who lived in New York for three years and did the majority of his grocery shopping at TJ’s.  He gave me some tips on what to purchase. That, and I searched Janae’s archives for posts that mentioned Trader Joe’s.  I knew I would find some good ideas as to what to purchase on there.  **side note - Hungry Runner Girl…favorite blog ever!** Anyway, after a couple of hours of walking around, we were finally through.  I actually had to start from the beginning after going all the way through because I was so out of it for the first 45 minutes.  Coffee hadn’t kicked in yet. 

I heart Trader Joe’s and I absolutely cannot wait until they open up the two closer to me!!  That will be a new bi-weekly trip for me.  I have it all planned out…church (Lakewood!), Costco, Trader Joe’s.  and all within like 2 miles from each other.  Gotta love it inside-the-loop!  I totally didn’t appreciate it to the fullest when I lived there!

Observation #4 – everyone runs in The Woodlands.  Here is how I know:

  1. I had a feeling when it was a ghost town at 7 am that it wasn’t that there were no people, it was just that they were busy doing something else.  I was right.  I think everyone was doing their Saturday morning long runs.          
  2. 47% of people shopping at Trader Joe’s were wearing running gear.  Very scientific calculations helped me come up with that number.  Tights, tanks, Garmin’s, Nikes, Brooks…you name it, I saw it. 
  3. When we were leaving TJ’s we saw sooo many folks actually still doing their long runs.  They were running trails through the woods, on the wide shoulders of the main streets, and down neighborhood streets.  It was a beautiful site!
  4. I must admit I totally had runner’s envy.  I realized this because, after pointing out like the 15th runner in the store, Rachel says, “Awww, my poor Leti, you want to be out there running with them, don’t you?” Why yes, yes I do.
  5. The Woodlands is the PERFECT place to run.  Lots of shade, cooler temps because of the trees, runner-friendly environment, health-conscious people, beautiful scenic neighborhoods through which to run. 
Goodbye, The Woodlands, I will miss you so!

We traveled back to Houston, stopped for burgers (yum!), and came home to show the haul off to the hubs and the child.  At eight, she already loves to grocery shop almost as much as her momma!  I think I got some good stuff, don’t you?

By this time I was having trouble keeping my eyes open and laid down for a nap.  Pops took the kid out for Brazilian pizza and I didn’t awaken until they got home.  I slept for a while longer and then headed out for my own Saturday run.  Four miles done.  Ran them in the nighborhood (my favorite place to run!) and even took a special turn and ran two of the miles in the "mini-Woodlands" neighborhood behind us.  Not exactly a “Saturday Long Run” but not bad considering I was only going to run two because I was still feeling so tired.

Day #15 of my RUN STREAK, complete!  I have actually run 17 out of the last 18 days. I STILL regret not running that Friday, ugh!  Anyway, I originally got the idea from Runner’s World (RW Summer Running Streak 2012)  Mission: to run at least one mile for each of the 38 days between Memorial Day and the 4th of July.  I started a couple of days late because I saw the article after it had started, and I decided to do at least two miles everyday, instead of one, for a few reasons.  One, going for a one-mile-run is not worth squeezing into my two sports bras for (sorry for the TMI), two, I am barely starting to sweat at ten minutes and I run a mile in less than that, three, ideally, I would like to get at least a 30 minute workout session in everyday, and four, the RUNstreak I did for Lent was so successful!  I ran 46 days straight, took Easter off and then have kept up with running at least 5 days out of the week since then.  For this second streak, however, I’ve decided to kick it up a notch.  I’m going to try to run at least 2 miles a day, everyday this summer.  Even made myself a cutesy calendar to keep track of it.

Aaaaand now I’ve put that out for the world to see.  Can you say, accountability?! Wish me luck!

Now I’m listening to the Adele station on Pandora, and laying in bed with my daughter.  We are both about to curl up with our (respective) good books.  The perfect ending to a fantastic day.

First blog post ever, check!

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  1. Had a fantastic time on our adventure! Lovin the blog, babes :)