Thursday, June 21, 2012

A work in progress

I pride myself on trying my best to be a positive person.  You see, positivity and optimism don’t exactly come 100% natural to me.  I am, by nature, a bit too practical, realistic and pragmatic.  And although I am a constant work in progress, occasionally I get weak and the not-quite-as-nice and more-easily-annoyed me comes out.  Case in point: today.  Here are two things that “irked” me today (you guys use that word too, right?):
1. If you and your co-workers decide to have a Pot Luck…and the purpose is to bring (and share) food, why, inevitably are there two or three people that want to sign up to bring tea and lemonade?  Is that what you want to eat for lunch?  Lemonade?  Tea?  No?  Well us either!  It’s a Pot Luck, people, not a beverage bar!  And there is only so much liquid that we need.  FOOD.  That’s the purpose.

2.  Attention Mr. Weird-little-short-man at the gym (whom I have affectionately nicknamed “Chispirito”): there is absolutely no reason that you need to walk around the gym doling out unsolicited advice.  I know you are probably just doing this to be helpful, but:
#1 - no one asked you,
#2 - you don’t exactly have the physique of William Levy, David Beckham or Ryan Gossling, so I’m going to need you to STOP, and
#3 - I think you need to concentrate on your own work out.  The last time I checked you hadn’t even broken a sweat because you’re too busy walking around telling everyone else what to do.  And by the way, after you so kindly told and showed that girl how to "correctly" do the Lat Pulldown, I saw her roll her eyes at you when you turned around and walked away.  Rude, I know!

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, we can move on to something a bit more fun.  Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!  

Leticias Thursday Favorites
(a collection of random things I am loving right now)

1. Pinterest
Do I really need to say anymore?  Wait, maybe I can find a pin that says it for me! #officiallyaddicted

2. Hungry Runner Girl
Janae Jacobs (HRG) is hilarious and I love reading about her running, teaching, Costco-visiting and pregnant shenanigans!  I have faithfully read her blog everyday, twice a day, for the past year and a half.  I read her blog more consistently than I write my lesson plans!  (Just kidding, Cheantal, I’m only saying this to try to make people laugh. *awkward silence*) …well, moving right along…

Why?  Because in their on-site store (Cafe Press) I found this shirt.  How cute is that?
Runner's Legs (on front) & Runner's Bum (on back).      Runner's Legs (on front) & Runner's Bum (on back).
4. My friend Amanda
Aside from being one of the wittiest, most fun, adorable and absolutely entertaining people I know, she also happens to be the reason I started running.  If it hadn’t been for her FORCING me to run the Race for the Cure with her in October 2010, I’m not sure I would be running today.  I can honestly say that was one of the BEST birthday gifts I have ever received!  Thanks, friend!

5. Trader Joe’s
Yep, it’s official.  Trader Joe’s, you’ve created a monster!  Thank gosh a new one will be opening up closer to me on September 21st, in exactly 92 days.  Not that I’m counting or anything.

6. Friday’s
I love Friday’s for the same reason that everyone else does, it means the end of a long work week.  But since Summer School only runs Monday through Thursday, Friday’s are especially fun because I’m off!  Hello three day weekend!!  And this Friday, for me, means that the day has finally come for my big “Girl’s Weekend” with mi Madre linda y querida, her best friend (mi segunda madre), and my daughter.  Wooohoooooo!!! 

See?  I'm ending on a positive.  Maybe I have learned a thing or two.  Work in progress, I tell you, work in progress! J

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