Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blazing hot run, weights and dough-y goodness!

I accidentally slept in late this morning and started my morning run about an hour later than I normally do.  I think I must have forgotten that I live in Houston, Texas. And I think I must have also forgotten that in Houston by 7:00 a.m. it is 75 degrees, with 70 percent humidity, and feels like it’s 84 degrees.  Lesson learned!  It was blazing hot by the time I walked out the door!  The sun was up high in the sky and shining brightly.  I think I might have even started sweating during my two-minute warm-up stretch.  I ran a quick 2 miles…and I do mean quick; the heat motivated me to run faster than I normally run in the mornings.  J  Plus I didn’t want to be late for work. 

By lunchtime, which for Summer School is pretty early, it was raining cats and dogs.  It was a sunny rain at first but then for the next couple of hours it got a little more serious with thick clouds and blackened sky.  When I was little my grandmother used to tell me that when it rained while it was sunny out it meant that somewhere someone was crying because someone they loved had died. 

My workout this afternoon was a total body weights class, which I topped off by working chest and back. I wanted to do shoulders too but by the time I was finished with this, I was tired! 

I was in a cooking mood when we got home (when am I not?) and for dinner I made Lentils with Italian chicken sausage and pizza.  It was my first time ever making Lentils and I was impressed by how easy they were to make!  I also made some pizza using the Whole Wheat pizza crust that I got from Trader Joe’s Saturday.  Here’s how I made the pizza, it was so easy to do! 

 Leti’s Easy-Peasy Pizza

I kneaded out the dough into two rectanglish 12”-ish size pizzas. Gotta love Trader Joe’s! $1.25 for two pizzas worth of whole-wheat dough!   I lightly drizzled the dough with evoo, and then sprinkled with dried parsley and dried oregano and Leti’s Season-All (I make it by combining parsley/salt/garlic powder/pepper in a shaker).  Then I topped with pizza sauce (I normally use jarred spaghetti sauce) and mozzarella cheese.  I spread around some sliced Portobello mushrooms, and torn, fresh basil leaves from my TJ’s basil plant that I have managed to keep alive for almost a full week now!  I topped the whole thing with a little more cheese (mozzarella and some thinly sliced Swiss that I had in the fridge and put it in a 450-degree oven for about 10 minutes.  Viola!   It was so good!

 Now that I’ve eaten some lentils and dough-y goodness my belly is full, my body is achy, and this girl is ready for some zzzzzzzzzz’s!

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