Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello August!!

Wow, I cannot believe that it is August already!  July – and the whole summer in general – feels like it just flew by!  While I’m sad to see July go, I’m excited for everything that August has in store for me!  Besides that, it also means that we are one month closer to my birthday, my daughter’s birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I LOVE fall!!!

AUGUST being here means quite a few things for this lady:
  1. My vacation is almost over…and it's Back-to-School time!
  2. …so no more staying in my PJ’s all day (unless I have something really fun and important to do) until it’s time to get dressed for the gym.
  3. School will be starting soon and this tends to be a little bit of a stressful time for me.  New school year = moving to my new classroom, lots of boring insightful teacher meetings, setting up my classroom, and getting back into routine and the daily real-life “swing-of-things.” 
  4. This year I’m getting a new partner after four years of being with the same awesome lady. L  At my campus, which is a 5th grade/6th grade only campus, we team-teach.  In my case, I teach the Reading/Writing, we co-teach social Studies and my partner teaches the Math/Science.  While I am looking forward to working with my new partner, I will definitely miss my old one!!
  5. It also happens to be fun and exciting too, though!  New school year means seeing all of my work friends again, a fresh new batch of students with new personalities, and a new opportunity to get kids obsessed with books!!!!

I just need to make sure to enjoy these last few weeks of vacation and mentally prepare myself for the first month of school, which is always so busy, busy, busy!  I have a classroom to set up, routines to set in place and kids to scare train!  I must admit I can’t wait!!  Rest up, Leti!!

With that being said, I also took some time today to reflect upon my July goals and made new ones for August.  Here are my goals for August:


- plan, execute, and enjoy our yearly family vacation!!!…sometime in the next three weeks! J  Think it’s possible?!?!
- complete these projects in the next two weeks:
1.      Make a new vision board.
2.      Finish cleaning out the closets and make a Goodwill pile. 
3.      Make a cute pin board for little one’s room.
4.      Spring Summer Clean! 
- read at least 4 more books by the end of this month.  I’m being much more realistic than I was in July when I said 8 and then only read 4. J
- continue my Summer RUNstreak and try to log at least 25 miles per week all month.  I’m at a Day #61, a little over 8 weeks, and only have the month of August to go to complete my Summer RUNstreak!!
- start early with the moving/unpacking/setting up of my classroom so that I may take my time to do it just right…which will alleviate lots of unnecessary stress for this anal-retentive perfectionist!
- continue to tighten up on my eating.  I want to continue to meal plan…and grocery shop from the meal plan.  I tried that last month and it really worked!! Plus, I want to get really good at it since school is starting soon.  Also, I’m currently shopping for a digital kitchen scale (anyone have any recommendations??) to help with measuring out food portions.  The hubby thinks he’s in for a shocker when we start doing this.  I think he’s right. J
- do CrossFit at least once a week, and try out the new 5:45 am Cycle classes on Tuesday and Thursdays to see if it’s something I might possibly continue throughout the school year.  Once upon a time I used to go to these early morning sweat fests at another gym but had to drive too far to get there so I stopped going.  I was ecstatic when I found out tonight that our gym will have this class from now on too!

 Speaking of CrossFit, I just realized it’s Wednesday, which means it’s WORKOUT WEDNESDAY!!  This particular “Workout Wednesday” was exciting because I had my first CrossFit workout ever!!!  The guy that gives the Wednesday killer class that the Hubs and I love so much kicked our butts today!!  We talked to him afterward and he told us he had just recently got certified to teach CrossFit, which was where he got the inspiration to do the things he had us do in class today.  I wish I could remember them, and I distinctly remember repeating the stuff to myself so that I might remember it to type up for the blog, but I think all of the sweat and endorphins from my gym session washed it all away.  Today was a heavy cardio day; I did the CrossFit class, ran 2 miles on the treadmill and then did the last 45 minutes of my favorite Step Aerobics class.  Yep, that one is definitely going to hurt in the morning!  And probably worse the morning after that.  Ohhhh, but it hurt sooooo good and I think it’s safe to say I may have a new obsession on my hands! #CrossFitistheshiznit

Five questions for you:
1. What are some of your goals for August?
2. Read any good books lately that you can recommend to me? 
3. What’s your favorite dish on your dinner menu for this week?
4. Have you ever tried Cross Fit? 
5. What is your favorite type of workout?


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