Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Got my race on - finally!!

This weekend I ran a 5K!!  It was my first race in almost a year, my first race since having a baby, and my first race  since moving to the continent of South America. 


It was tough!  Considering I really only trained for about a week I guess it went well enough.  I actually had to stop and walk a couple of times, which is something I used to never have to do.  I finished in 38:47, way behind my husband, but as usual he was there at the finish line waiting for me with a smile and a hug.


Our oldest daughter and nephew were also there waiting for us because they had gotten up early to go watch us run.

Just a few observations:

1. The starting line is like a wild horse stampede with people practically running each other over coming out of the start area.  I’m used to races with a little more calmness at the beginning.

2. Three point one miles is a looooooong way to go when one has only been running for about two weeks after almost a year of no running.

3. There is a running community in Santa Cruz!!!  And I can’t wait to get more involved with my running and racing periodically like I did in the states.  Awww, that makes me miss my old running partner – hi Amanda!!!

4. Four words – water in a bag.  Coolest thing ever!  See, like I wrote about last week, there is one more random thing that comes in a bag to add to the list! I thought it was so cool I saved one and brought it home.

5. Despite sucking eggs from pretty much the start of the race, it was FUN!  It felt good to get the pre-race jitters again, to feel the anticipation of the race, to wake up early and get ready to go, to run with the cool morning breeze in your face, and the sweet feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment one feels after the race is over.  Even the post-race naps are the best as you rest your weary bones and sore knees!

After the race we went out for Salteñas.  Salteñas are like empanadas, or meat pies, but they are made with the most delish sweet dough and then are baked to perfection.  I LOVE them, especially the spicy beef ones! 


We also had Maracuya (passion fruit) smoothies.  I CANNOT get enough of this stuff!  Maracuya smoothies, ice cream, and mousse are my favorites! Maracuya was a rare find in the states.  There were only two places I had ever had it before moving here.  The first was in College Station, Texas, in my good old Aggieland.  There was this little smoothie place in the food court and every time my friend Cristina and I went to the mall, we had to have our Passion fruit and strawberry smoothies.  Awww, remember the good ole days, Cris??  The second place I had Maracuya was in Houston at a Columbian restaurant called Mi Pueblito.  I pretty much drink it everyday here, and at the market where we shop for our fruits and vegetables every week, the vendor and his wife see me coming and pack up some Maracuya fruits for me.  But I digress.

We had our post-race breakfast of champs and then headed home.

 It felt good to be back in the racing saddle again and I can’t wait for the next race!

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